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About Yulia Engelbrecht:

Yulia Engelbrecht is an international cosmetologist with a medical background from Europe. Applying her knowledge and experience in cosmetology, she does non-injection treatments to rejuvenate face and body skin using the latest technology in the beauty industry. She specialises in facial treatments, peelings, mesotherapy, microneedling, manicure and hardware pedicure. Yulia is always learning something new in a world of cosmetology and increases her qualification by attending international courses, expos, and competitions. In 2014 Yulia successfully launched her Beauty Studio in Europe, helping women to perfect their natural beauty!
In European Beauty Studio Yulia is offering latest and efficient technologies to prevent skin-aging, acne, hyperpigmentation and photoaging. Moreover, she offers various peelings, massages, skin care treatments and machine cosmetology. Yulia conducts free consultations with her clients and individually chooses and recommends treatments depending on clients' skin type and concern.
Yulia will take care of your skin in her professional hands!


“Your skin beauty is my duty! I will make your face young and glowing!”


Our Partners:


Соllagene 3D Cosmetics

Created in the Medical Academy of Russia. The collagen developed by Russian scientists has a neutral PH value, ensuring the preservation of a triple helix, which makes your skin young and beautiful! This is an obtained protein, in which triple helix twisting is preserved, it is this protein that provides strength and elasticity to the skin.


IMAGE Skincare

Developed by a team of international chemists and dermatologists. All IMAGE Skincare products are manufactured in the USA and distributed worldwide through authorized distributors only. Their philosophy is to use the best ingredients to achieve outstanding results. IMAGE Skincare offers safe products that do not have such chemical preservatives, or parabens.



Line of products for professional cosmetic care made in Korea. Specialists of EDK SPA Solution managed to revive the ancient formulations of cosmetic products, combining them with the achievements of modern science. Due to their quality and effectiveness, Phymongshe products have become widely known among cosmetologists not only in their home country, but also in many countries of the world. The brand name comes from English and Korean words meaning the plant world (Phy - Phyto) and the woman’s dream (Mongshe). In other words, Phymongshe embodies the woman’s dream to preserve health and beauty using medicinal herbal ingredients.



30 years of experience and professionalism in the dermatology and cosmetology market - Sesderma was founded in 1989 by a group of dermatologists, led by Dr. Gabriel Serrano (SPAIN). The composition of the preparations includes liposomed (enclosed in capsules of nanoscale) active ingredients, which have the ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and directly affect the causes of problems through this technology. Potent and professional cosmetics.


La Mente

Japan, professional cell cosmetics. Developed for discerning customers, for those who strive for excellence. The recipe for La Mente cosmetics is rich in unique extracts and valuable plant oils that grow only in Japan. Currently, the laboratory is a world leader in the production of highly purified cell extracts: placenta, squalane, collagen, elastin. Cosmetic products are designed for use in medical centers and beauty salons that help remove aesthetic problems.



Developed by the Spanish company QUARTZ Cosmetics based on vitamin complexes, hyaluronic acid, silicon, antioxidants and lipolytics, trace elements and anti-aging complexes. These products are designed for use in cosmetology and are of high quality, consist of carefully selected ingredients and balanced compositions. The range of serums of the Spanish brand Q-Lab is very wide: these are single products, and vitamin complexes, and cocktails for effective and radical solutions to the widest range of aesthetic problems. Q-Lab products were created because of many years of research in the field of aesthetic medicine. When using Q-Lab serums, the cosmetologist gets a professional tool in their hands for solving such problems quickly and effectively.