Anti-Pigmentation Peeling



What is Peeling? PEELING- is exfoliation of the upper layer of the epidermis, consisting of dead, dead cells. Such procedure is carried out using special professional chemicals. This cleaning method allows to smooth or completely remove age spots or other defects, smooth the surface of the face, give it a natural tone. Such a method is called the "dermis renewal" with a good reason. In addition to its cleansing functions, acid compounds perfectly rejuvenate cells, starting the processes of collagen and elastin synthesis. Thus, chemical exfoliation is a universal procedure solving several cosmetic problems at once. It is performed all year round using special cosmetic products of the USA, Japan, Korea, Russia IMAGE skincare (selected according to the skin type and its problems) allow the skin to remove hyperpigmentation, photoaging, wrinkles, hyperkeratosis, remove grey complexion, effects of acne and dull spots on the skin. All peeling treatments are carried out in a course of 5 to 10 procedures. Due to the large selection of products, the cosmetologist selects an individual program for each woman, depending on the age, type, and degree of skin sensitivity, as well as on other goals. During the procedure, with sensitive skin, a slight pinching of the skin may be felt.