Moisturizing Treatment for Sensitive Skin


60 Minutes
The treatment consists of 5 steps: 
  1. Superficial cleansing
  2. Deep cleansing. A cleansing aroma mask is applied to deeply cleanse the skin. Due to the content of plant enzymes, it has a mild keratolytic effect, stimulates skin renewal and regeneration. It helps to loosen the upper layers of the epidermis, creating conditions for the effective operation of aftercare products. Lactic acid activates the renewal of epidermal cells, improves microcirculation, helps to accelerate the synthesis of collagen, deeply moisturizes the skin, strengthens the protective function of the lipid barrier of the skin. Kiwi extract has refreshing and tonic properties, strengthens and evens out the skin. Unshiu mandarin extract has a mild peeling and whitening effect.
  3. Ultrasonic cleaning.
  4. Sesderma ATOPISES OIL massage for atopic-prone skin, dry, descaled and fragile skin.
  5. Gel for sensitive skin PH HIDROBALANCE. It helps maintain proper pH balance of the skin, providing rich moisture and a calming effect with wine extract, fluoride extract, etc., obtained from nature.