Japanese Premium Peeling


90 Minutes

Multivitamin Peeling Manufactured in Japan. Suitable for all skin types. The key components of this product are 5 growth factors, and the water from Lake Murato, the combination of which enhances the production of collagen synthesis, stimulates the process of renewal of epidermal cells, stops aging and restores youth. The water of Lake Murato is taken at the depth of 344m, never penetrated by sunlight with atmospheric pressure of 30atm. The unusually clear water of Lake Murato is similar in composition to the liquid surrounding the fetus. Due to its composition, Murato Water has a healing effect on the skin, replenishes the deficiency of minerals and increases the energy and protective potential of cells. Such components as Glycolic acid normalize the moisture balance of the skin. Papain evens out the skin texture, removes age spots and eliminates hyperkeratosis. Kaolin absorbs excess sebum, biometric peptides improve cell metabolism, tissue regeneration and renewal occur. Horse chestnut, Arnica, Rutin strengthen the walls of blood vessels, thus the manifestation of rosacea decreases. Thanks to the combination of anti-aging and renewing components, Lotion 30SFP peeling increases the activity of the basal skin layer cells, where the production of fibroblasts, that are responsible for the synthesis of fibroblasts, is stimulated. After the first treatment, the skin becomes radiant, smooth and youthful.

Japanese SF Herbal Peeling is a multi-active herbal peeling, extremely effective and very economical. The power of biomimical peptides is aimed at cell rejuvenation. No scaling, suitable for all skin types! Regenerative potential of extracts of medicinal plants growing in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Indications for use: age-related changes, hypersensitivity, fragile and thin skin, rosacea, finely wrinkled aging type, various acne skin defects, scars, enlarged pores, acne without exacerbation, hyperpigmentation, dehydration, skin preparation for special events. The course consists of 5 treatments. The price of 1 is $300.00. When paying for 5 treatments, you pay only for 4 - 1 is a gift.