Tips For Sensitive Skin

Yulia Engelbrecht

Posted on July 06 2020

Tips For Sensitive Skin


Sensitive Skin

Facial cleansing and washing are the most important secrets of healthy skin. When caring for sensitive skin, it is important to pick face toner and cleansing milk based on natural ingredients. They carefully envelop the face and cleanse it of pollution. Try to avoid using soap and gel cleansers, as they dry the skin. If your skin is sensitive, then we would not recommend washing it with tap water, since it contains an excess of chlorine. Try to use mineral water instead. After any contact with water, it is necessary to tone the skin with a toner which does not contain any alcohol but restores the pH of the skin. For sensitive skin care should we suggest using the simplest cosmetic products containing a minimal set of components. After cleansing and toning in the morning, light day cream, which will include triglycerides, light fats, and necessarily SPF-sun protection factor should be used.

When choosing products for sensitive skin, try to avoid components such as: essential oils and components from exotic plants, as it may cause potential issues with skin in a future. Try to use products which were made based on thermal water and contains mineral components. During morning it is better to apply toner to cleanse face from secretions and wash with warm water. During evening, remove the makeup residues by using sponge, then wash face with gentle cleanser, wipe it with toner and apply a moisturizer cream. When you are under 30 years old, the consequences of improper skin care for sensitive skin are not so noticeable, but the older you get, the more issues become apparent.

When you are following steps on how to wash and cleanse the skin, it is also especially important to moisturize it as well. There are so many creams available on market, which you can use during the day and night which will nourishing the skin with trace elements and vitamins. Try to buy creams from trusted brands to make sure that it will not affect your skin later. When you are applying moisturizing cream, make sure that you are avoiding areas around your eyes as the skin there is very thin and sensitive to external irritants. It is particularly good to moisturize facial skin at least two times a day in the morning and evening. However, if you do have an opportunity to do so during the day, then use it. It is also good to moisturize your neck, as your skin will stay younger and healthier.

Since we are living in Australia, it is also important to protect your skin from the sun as UV lights irritates sensitive skin. Even during the winter rashes, red spots and pronounced freckles may appear on a skin. When you are over 30 years old, applying sun cream is one of the most important steps in self-care process to avoid appearance of age spots and the development of wrinkles, as sun cream is not only protecting but also moisturizing your skin.


Dry Sensitive Skin

One of the most important element of dry sensitive skin care process is cleansing. It is important to wash face in the morning and evening. This type of dermis reacts poorly to tap water, as it begins to peel off and crack. During cleansing process, it is important to use right products for your skin for example products based on micellar water and hydrophilic oils. The water should be warm. Hot, and cold-water cleaning and wiping should be excluded from your everyday self-care cleansing with your skin. Straight after cleansing and washing it is important to use a toner to prevent epidermis dehydration and to normalize acid-base balance. It is better to apply products with your fingers, as cotton pad may harm dry skin.

Oily Sensitive Skin

For Oily and Sensitive skin, you should wash your face at least twice in day at room temperature water. Ice water will not remove all greasy contaminants, while hot water can provoke irritation and inflammatory process. It is better to use foams and gel cleansers instead of soap and oil-based products to prevent clogging of pores. It is good to do peeling once a week or just take a habit to use scrubs every Saturday, so it will remove dead cells.

Another important process for Oily skin is toning, which helps to maintain a sufficient level of moisture. By avoiding it, the activity of the sebaceous glands will intensify and will begin to stand out more. Spreading makeup will clog the enlarged pores.

It is better to pick your moisturizer based on light texture, otherwise if you can not find the right one, you always can use moisturizing gel. In the morning, apply a little amount of gel or cream, while before night, use more. This will reduce possibility of oily shine during the day and will provide sufficient saturation with nutrients at night.

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